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Abberley Log Cabin

Price: £3,149.99


The Abberley is a bright and airy cabin with full length glazing at the front combined with a large roof overhang. Whether you need a home office, an extra bedroom, a gym or just a traditional garden summerhouse, a cabin provides a real way of creating extra living space without the need to extend your property
- Double glazed windows and doors with 1 opening window providing ventilation
- Manufactured from 34mm smooth planed interlocking logs for a high quality finish
- Large roof overhang provides extra shelter and shade to the front of the cabin
- The timber we use is from only slow grown Nordic spruce which is evident in the tight growth rings seen on the logs. FSC certification of the timber used ensures sustainability and longevity of supply
- The precision engineered logs are machined with chalet cut corners, a joint with a 6 sided profile which provides maximum resilience and stability against the UK's wind and rain.

HD Code VABB344030SHHD

Technical Specs

Dimensions (cm): 2.5 x 4.5 x 3.0m