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Air Source Heat Pumps

Here at West BS we've been huge advocates for Ground Source Heat Pumps because of their greater efficiencies over their air source heat pump cousins.

However the ground source solution is not appropriate for everyone, often due to space considerations, yet we have seldom recommended air source in the past because we couldn't find a product which came up to our exacting demands and was suitable for the British market - that was until Mitsubishi brought out their ground breaking Ecodan air source heat pumps.

While admittedly still not quite as efficient as ground source, giving around 320% efficiencies rather than 400%, it is a huge advancement and a product which stands head and shoulders over its competition.

West BS is now ready to fully endorse the Ecodan as an air source heat pump solution because it's undoubtedly one of the most advanced, efficient heating systems available anywhere in the world.

A near silent-running fan draws in the outside air. The heat contained within the air is transferred to the heat pump's refrigeration circuit. The heat pump converts this into hot water, which heats your house and domestic hot water.

There is no need for boring or digging. Just install the Ecodan and you start saving money right away. The Ecodan can be connected to your existing heating system and provides both heat and hot water. It can also replace your existing boiler and hot water cylinder and provide you with cheap, reliable heat for the future.