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According to many surveys, the average family will use 70% of its water in the bathroom, thus making it priority to help save water here where we can.  Here are a few ideas which may be used to help you be not only eco-friendly, but could possibly save you money.
- Replace your old WC which could potentially be using up to 13 litres of water everytime it is flushed and replace it with a dual flush WC.
- Dripping taps can waste up to four litres of water per day as well as being irritating.
- Replace your existing tap with a new Eco-Click basin mixer. Bristan have introduced a variety of water saving products. This works when the cartridge offers resistance as it reaches approximately half of its flow capacity, saving water. This then can be overridden for increased flow.
- Flow limiters can also be used with any appropriate products to improve water efficiency and can assist with meeting the requirements of Part G of the Building Regulations and the code of Sustainable Homes.
- There are many companies out there that are now supplying eco handsets with their showers.
- Low height baths, not only easier to get into, but can also help with efficiency by using upto 15% less water in the bath.