Ground Source Heat Pumps

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Ground Source Heat Pumps

Low Running Costs - Moving Heat from Your Garden into Your Home
Heat pumps work by collecting heat from your garden and moving it into your home - essentially a refrigerator working in reverse. The technology works so well that even when freezing outside - your home is still warm and snug.

Best of all, because you are moving heat, rather than creating it by burning oil or gas, the system is much more efficient with average savings of between 50-70% on your annual running costs.

Ground Source Heat Pumps - Two different types

Heat Pump with Internal Domestic Hot Water Storage
For properties with 1- 4 bedrooms a heat pump with an integral 185 litre Domestic Hot Water tank is the ideal solution. Measuring 600mm by 600mm it can be positioned in the kitchen, utility room, cupboard or even a garage.

Heat Pump with External DHW Storage
For larger 4 bedroom and over properties or where there is a high water demand a heat pump with an external 300 litre (or larger) DHW tank is the natural choice. Again it measures 600mm by 600mm and is very versatile in its positioning.