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The Klargester Treatment Plant Solution!

Unless your site assessment can totally justify the use of a septic tank, planning authorities are likely to require the use of a packaged waste water treatment plant.

Sewage treatment plants take the basic science of Septic Tanks but are able to accelerate the natural treatment processes to produce higher quality effluent standards in order to meet strict Consent to Discharge standards.

Klargester have been designing, manufacturing and refining the technology of treatment plants for over 30 years. Their range is designed for a wide range of applications, from a single domestic house to housing developments and then on to cater for all sizes of business and leisure facilities.

  • No mains drainage? Put in a Klargester!”
  • No nauseaous smells or pollution to offend neighbours
  • Actively treats sewage before safely discharging it
  • Removes all solids and pollutants
  • Prevents pollution by treating within the system
  • Complies with environmental regulations
  • Improves resale value of your property

Hi-tech Alarm & Control Panel for Klargester Treatment Plants

Klargester domestic treatment plants feature a state of the art control panel, with optional alarm and flashing beacon.

Alarms are a requirement for domestic sewage treatment plants in the event of power failure under the forthcoming new European Regulations EN-12566, governing the use of domestic sewage treatment plants:

EN12566-3 Section 6.0 para 6.1.1 states:

Plants shall be provided with an alarm to indicate operational failure (for example electrical, mechanical or hydraulic failure). The manufacturer shall indicate which kind of failure is detected with the alarm.

The new control panels offer a range of features and benefits including:

  • Optional alarm facility
  • Digital display with fault code to speed up fault diagnosis
  • Rapid wiring installation
  • Facility for optional telemetry to be fitted
  • Flasher beacon available if required