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Rainwater Harvesting
Rainwater harvesting is not a new concept. Only recently have the benefits been recognised now that mains water supplied from the tap has become a much more precious (and restricted) commodity.

The system works by taking the rain from your roof gutters, filtering out leaves and debris and storing the water in an underground tank.

The water is then pumped into the house to be used for non-potable applications such as toilet flushing and washing machines. If the tank runs empty, the system switches to mains supply. Simple.

What is Envireau?
Envireau is the name of the rainwater harvesting system designed and built by Klargester, the UK's biggest manufacturer of water pollution control products.

Established in 1965 Klargester has spearheaded the development of rainwater harvesting technology and has a wealth of experience in supplying systems for many applications from domestic properties, residential developments to commercial and local authority applications.

The Benefits?

  • Envireau offers a host of benefits to both domestic properties and large
    commercial buildings, whether as a new-build or retrofit option:
  • Save between 50 and 85% of your total water consumption by utilising Envireau harvested rainwater.
  • Use of recycled water is not subject to water restrictions or hosepipe bans.
  • Money saved through reduced water bills means the Envireau can payback its purchase cost in as little as three years.
  • Rainwater harvesting now features as a key part of corporate environmental management systems (EMS).
  • Authorities increasingly expect applications to demonstrate Sustainable Urban Drainage Strategy (SUDS) initiatives.
  • Rainwater harvesting is the latest addition to the Water Technology List, allowing businesses to claim 100% capital allowance on the system costs